Double Hung Windows

Double-Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows are a very traditional and common window found in homes today. Homeowners appreciate their unique blend of functionality and beauty. Their advanced balance system and tilt-in capability makes them unbelievably easy to open and close and clean. 

Since double hung windows open without using any interior or exterior space, they’re an excellent choice for small rooms or next to walkways, porches or patios where you don’t want a window to protrude. They are also known for their insulated quality and are a top choice for reducing energy costs in your home. So choosing Double Hung Windows is certainly a wise investment and will also increase the value of your home.

Double hung windows can also be an effective design element for ventilation when combined with picture or arch/radius windows. They’re frequently used in bedrooms, bathrooms and many other rooms in a house.  All of Nescor's windows are installed by expert craftspeople, who take the time to understand your home and its individual needs.  

You may want to escape the cycle of painting and patching.  You may want to take advantage of massive energy savings by eliminating leaks.  Or you may want to bring more light in and create a space for your family.  No matter what your goals, our people will listen and will find the right window for you.  Contact Nescor for a free consultation today at 888-637-2671.

Double-Hung Window Features:

  • Constant Force Balancing
  • Heavy-Duty Cam Sweep Locks
  • Metal Lock Keepers
  • Millwork Frame Design
  • Ventilation Limit Locks
  • Sash Tilt in for Easy Cleaning
  • Heavy-Duty Integral Lift Rail
  • Easy-Pull Tilt Latches
  • One-Piece Sloped Sill
  • Anti-Drift Sash
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