Home Owners Insurance

Insurance Discounts – In many areas where weather damage is prevalent, insurance companies offer substantial premium reductions to homeowners with a stone-coated steel roof.
New roofing is a great opportunity to save on your home insurance premiums. Old roofing puts your home at a greater risk of claims from wind, hail, or water damage.

When installing a new roof, consult your roofing company. They should be able to recommend roofing material that’s most resistant to damage. The Institute of Business and Home Safety and Underwriters Laboratory recently developed the UL 2218 classification.

This sets a standard for impact resistant roofing material. The UL 2218 uses a rating system of 1-4 (4 being most resistant).

It relates to roofing materials and their ability to withstand the impact of falling objects. Insurers will potentially discount your annual premium based on the resistance rating. Class 4 roofing materials will provide you the most discounts on your policy ranging from 20-35% annually.
Building Materials
Another important detail is the quality of the building materials being used in the project. Top-quality materials are more expensive to replace than lower quality.

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