We decided to replace three more of the original windows in our house. These were next to radiators and I could imagine the heat going right out the old windows. We are very happy with them. NESCOR came in and did all the removal, replacement and finish work in a few hours.

Leslie Duthie
Monson, MA

We enlisted your services in the past and were entitirely satisfied with the installation of a new steel roof and windows.

We have recently reengaged your serives to install an additional five units. All of the units required special attention. Nescor sent their engineers to analize the situation.

Much to our relief, you sent us to Micky. He engaged Jim Larkin to select his " A Team ", Tom D. and Richie, to install four of the five units on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the bitter cold. They made a beautiful installation.

This was no common installation. This was unique and complicated.

The results of this assignment reflect an outstanding knowledge, uncompromised skills and dedication to performing a " Job Well Done ".

With gratitude and respect,

Jerry R. Bogosian and Linda C. Andrighetti

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