All asphalt roofing manufacturers are under a class action lawsuit. Just go to Google and type in “asphalt shingle manufacturer class action lawsuit” and the results will surprise you. The lawsuits arose when consumers had warranty claims and were denied the coverage they had expected. In the fine print of the 20, 30, or 40 year warranty, the consumer found out that after 5 years they were only getting 10% of the replacement cost of materials only!

Asphalt is petroleum based, the price of petroleum has gone up so much that they have stripped the petroleum out. Now the shingles are more than 60% filler of limestone (chalk). This is why the average life of an asphalt shingle has plummeted, and the warranties that protect the manufacturer were rewritten.

Many Massachusetts towns sustained heavy damage this year from the elements. There was a harsher than normal winter leaving much ice and water damage to roofs throughout the state. On top of that we saw for the first time in many years a tornado, an earthquake followed by a hurricane. Unprecedented weather taking many by surprise and causing billions of dollars in damage. Many homeowners were upset with their insurance claim process as they received a $3000 check to replace their roofs that cost them 4 times that. The insurance process added insult to injury causing many to seek out a more sensible and permanent solution. Never wanting to go through this process again.

Metal roofing is the answer to all of the asphalt roofing problems. Metal roofing is able to stand up to ice damming issues, natural disasters, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornado, and wild fires.

When most people think of metal roofs, they picture a green striped roof called a “Standing Seam” design. So while this design may look good on a barn or commercial building, it doesn’t really go with a residential property. For this reason many homeowners have overlooked metal as a choice.

The Answer: Stone Coated Steel. If there was a snow, ice, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, and fireproof roofing system, that didn’t cost any more than a high end asphalt shingle, that looked great, wouldn’t that be the best solution for homeowners? Stone Coated Steel roofs have actually been around for many years, and by calling 1-888-637-2671 we guarantee you will like what you see.



Fire Graniteshield’s patented interlocking fastening system prevents the panels from lifting and allowing blowing embers to ignite the roof deck. It comes with a UL 790 Class “A” Fire rating (highest rating in the industry).

Hail Graniteshield comes with a 2.5” hail warranty and is UL 2218 Class 4 rated (highest rating in the industry).

Wind Graniteshield’s interlocking panels have withstood 170 mph wind tests and come with a 120 mph warranty.

Earthquake Graniteshield’s superior features reduce the threat of roof collapse. In a survey, the McMullen Company found only minor damage to 1% of homes protected by stone-coated metal roofing. In contrast, more than 50% of the homes with concrete and clay roofs had significant damage.

Weathering The roof panels will not split, crack, break, curl, warp or absorb water. The stone granules are UV-reflective and provide protection against the elements.

Lightweight At only 1.4 lbs per square foot , structures do not need re-engineering to accommodate the Graniteshield system.

Environment Graniteshield’s products are 100% recyclable. They also contain over 30% recycled content. Rest assured Graniteshield is doing their part to conserve our natural resources.

Insurance Discounts In many areas where weather damage is prevalent, insurance companies offer substantial premium reductions to homeowners with a stone-coated steel roof.

Appearance Graniteshield’s product line has the premium presentation discriminating homeowners are seeking.

Resale According to the Residential Cost Handbook, home values increase $1.35/ sq. ft. with metal roofs vs. wood shake or asphalt composition.

MaintenanceGraniteshield is virtually a maintenance free product.
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