Siding, while available at home centers, is best left to professionals.  Improperly installed Vinyl might be nailed in with short nails or placed over unstable or warped base material.  This exposes the vinyl to breaks and cracks by objects and damage by line trimmers.  When installed over a breakable base, like asbestos shingles, the wind can take your siding away.  If you have dreamed of quality vinyl siding that rides on a foam backer board and has sound dampening and insulating qualities, this is the product for you! 
NESCOR’s Cedar Ridge Composite Siding is the newest generation of vinyl siding available in Western Massachusetts and Connecticut. It withstands winds up to 130 mph, eliminates up to 31% more noise than ordinary vinyl siding, and never needs painting. Offering extraordinary impact resistance, 300% more than vinyl siding, Cedar Ridge is designed tough for a lifetime of beauty - without the problems of regular vinyl!

Our Cedar Ridge Composite Siding meets energy efficiency guidelines set EPA and the Department of Energy.  This is the only Energy Star rated vinyl siding available in the United States. In fact, in the mid 90s, NESCOR was the 18th company nationally to be awarded the Energy Star distinction for its products.

NESCOR’s 18″ Cedar Ridge panels are more than twice as wide as cedar, fiber cement, and traditional Composite siding. This means fewer seams on your home for more polished look. Our rigid SOLID CORE backing bridges the dips and contours that mar almost every wall - making them straighter and more appealing.

Your family deserves the quality and protection of Nescor's Cedar Ridge Composite Siding, which we install neatly and professionally.  If you are thinking of a professional siding installation for your home, Contact Nescor today for a free quote at 888-637-2671!
Cedar Ridge Features
  • Vinyl Fused with Contoured Insulating Foam
  • Virtually Seamless
  • 300% More Impact Resistant than traditional vinyl siding
  • Rot, Fade & Crack Resistant
  • Looks and Feels Like Wood
  • Beautiful Straight Wall Lines
  • Treated with Fire Resistant Chemical
  • Uniform Weatherability
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