Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows

Window Replacement Springfield, MA
Sliding windows are easy to operate and a popular option for smaller, horizontal window openings. They are popular windows for over kitchen counters and sinks and work well in areas next to walkways, patios or other places where you wouldn’t want a window to protrude. They can also be easily lifted out of the sash for indoor cleaning of both sides of the window.

Nescor's sliding windows are the choice of homeowners who appreciate their exquisite design- and the unobstructed view this style provides. These windows glide smoothly with the push of a finger to let in fresh air or easy cleaning.  Our Nescor installers will listen to your particular needs and leave your home as they found it.

The durable whitewash vinyl frame has been constructed for long-lasting use and year-round enjoyment. The window’s locking mechanism has been designed with security in mind, not to mention giving you the insulation that you desire and saving you money all year long.

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Sliding Window Features:

  • Lift-Out Sash for Easy Cleaning
  • Millwork Frame Design
  • Brass Rollers
  • Fully Wept Sills
  • Heavy-Duty Cam Sweep Lock
  • Two- or Three-Lite Configurations
  • Full-Length Meeting Rail Interlock
  • Extruded Metal Screen Frames
  • Integral Pull Rail
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