The Year 2017!!

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  • 12 Jan, 2017

Let's get that Home more Beautiful!!

NESCOR Is looking forward to the year 2017, If Your looking to make your BIGGEST & BEST ASSET  MORE BEAUTIFUL, Don't  Hesitate To call us for your FREE no obligation estimate at : (413) 739-4333. or visit us at  
By Nescor 02 Aug, 2017


-At only 1.5 pounds per square foot, NESCOR Roofing Systems are light enough to install over most existing roofs. Eliminate the cost and inconvenience of a messy tear-off!

-Ease the structural burden on your home. Alternative roofing products can weigh as much as 10 pounds per square foot.


2-High Performance Interlocking Design

-Stone coated steel resists driving rain and snow, as well as high wind pressures.

-Horizontal fastening, avoids the “pull out” problem associated with wind uplift and blow off of some roofing materials.

-Individual panels interlock completely, systems have successfully tested against wind pressures over 120 MPH, and 8.8 inches of rain per hour.


3-Aluminum-Zinc Coated Steel Base

-Will not curl, cup, warp, split or break.

-Fire resistant, will not support fire, non-combustible.

-Performance does not diminish with age. Decra Roofing Systems continue to offer superior performance year after year.

-Does not absorb moisture.


4-Distinctive Appearance

-Stone chip coating provides natural weathering and sound deadening qualities.

-Resists fading.

-Performance of steel without the “commercial” painted look.

-Available in elegant tile and rustic shake profile.


5-50 Year Warranty

-Includes 120 MPH wind resistance and hail penetration.

-Non-prorated for the first 20 years!

-Fully transferable, at no cost to homeowner and backed by lifetime no hassle warranties.

By Nescor 14 Jun, 2017
When upgrading your home to make it more Energy Efficient , always start from the top down. What I mean is...what protects you most? The Roof, Metal roofing is where it's at and that's what you want to go with. Then the attic space is next, you want to make sure it's insulated well with top of the line barriers and/or insulation to its max depth according to DOE standards. Then wouldn't you know, the Windows are next, when replacing them you have to make sure they are Energy Star rated to get the max performance out of them. Also while replacing them it's always best to make sure the casings around them are very insulated and the inside wall.
By Nescor 24 Apr, 2017
Get the best in home remodeling, we can determine where you need the most help. Contact us TODAY!!! 
By Nescor 16 Mar, 2017
Thanks to all who made this possible, Nescor nation enjoyed a night out with Co-Workers, and friends. It was a great night as the Springfield Thunderbirds went on to win the game....2 - 1. Nothing like working for a company that appreciates their employees. 
By Nescor 14 Feb, 2017
Some of the biggest air leaks in your home can often be traced to the attic, resulting in sky-high energy bills and a house that’s too warm in summer, and too cold in winter. However, the good news is that the attic is one of the easier rooms to insulate and air seal, leading to improved home comfort, lower energy bills and a better overall energy performance.

  • Use weatherizing materials or a pre-made attic cover to insulate your attic hatch or door.
  • Save energy and keep your home comfortable.
  • Learn more:
    • A home’s exterior is known as the “envelope” or “shell” which, when properly insulated, can save up to 10% on annual energy bills.
    • Or hire a contractor who’ll use specialized diagnostic tools to identify and seal hidden air leaks before adding insulation.
    • TIP: if your insulation is level with or below the attic floor joists, you’ll need to add more.
    • Recommended insulation level for most attics is 12-15 inches, depending on insulation type (R-38).
  • Proper attic ventilation using natural airflow prevents build-up of ice dams and extends the life of roof shingles.
  • Eliminates need for attic vent fan, thereby reducing energy costs.
  • Make sure attic soffit and gable vents aren’t blocked to ensure free airflow.
  • If you don’t have gable vents, you may have ridge vents or vents through the roof deck.

By Nescor 12 Jan, 2017
NESCOR Is looking forward to the year 2017, If Your looking to make your BIGGEST & BEST ASSET  MORE BEAUTIFUL, Don't  Hesitate To call us for your FREE no obligation estimate at : (413) 739-4333. or visit us at  
By Nescor 08 Dec, 2016
What we strive for here at NESCOR is to help you save on your Home Energy Bills. We begin with Monitoring your home to see how much more we can help you save on your Heating Costs. The first thing we want to do is check your windows for drafts, then check your Attic Space if available, for heating  loss. The Attic is one of the problematic areas of the home, that's why we would recommend the Radiant Barrier(Attic Shield) if we see significant heat loss. The Attic Shield that we use is the same material that they use at NASA, we do walk around and check the appliances, lighting, thermostats. If outdated its recommended to change those items to get the most out of your home's efficiency. Once done with those checks, we do give recommendations based on what we find in your Home. NESCOR performs Energy Assessment's in Springfield MA, Agawam MA, Holyoke MA, Northampton MA, Hartford CT, Old Saybrook CT,  Stamford CT, and all surrounding area's.
By Nescor 19 Jul, 2016
We proudly sponsored the 21st Annual Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival held at Look Park on Saturday! What a beautiful day to celebrate and promote Scottish Culture!!
By Nescor 25 Apr, 2016
The NESCOR family had a great day at the 42nd Annual Ice Breaker.  It was a beautiful day at the race track, Larry Gelinas finished second in the late model series! 
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