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A Few Tips To Prepare For Spring!

Clean Rain Gutters Wind, animals, and gravity bring sticks, leaves, and other organic matter into your rain gutters, and chances are yours have accumulated their share of detritus over the winter. That's bad news for your home: When downspouts are clogged, rainwater can spill out of your gutters and around the perimeter of your house, putting it at risk for leaks and flooding. Get ready for spring showers by removing the mess from your gutters to ensure that the water will flow freely

Inspect Shingles ​Winter can take a toll on your roof and specifically your shingles. Take a look at your roof from ground level to spot any serious issues. Then take a closer look to be certain there are no damaged shingles or other small but potentially serious damages. Hiring a professional to come inspect your roof is always a good option as well.

Clean the windows Windows can get very dirty on both inside and the outside during the winter. Take some time to wash windows from both inside and out. This will help to keep the air in your home fresh as well as clean. While cleaning inspect your windows for any maintenance or repairs that may need to take place.

Check AC unit As the weather starts to get warmer air conditioning is very essential. Cleaning and servicing the unit will help to ensure that your air conditioning is running in tip top shape for the upcoming warm weather. Make sure that the coils are clean and that the unit is ready to be used without any potential problems. If there is any repair that needs to be done this is the best time to find out and fix it.

Replace The Batteries of Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

It is strongly advised to change the batteries of the detectors (Both smoke and carbon monoxide) in the house to ensure that all the safety measures are up to the mark. Since you’re cleaning up everything at home for the spring, why not take care of this, too? I mean, you could just replace the batteries for once and forget until next spring, and also, who knows, this might save your life some day

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