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Tips from the Pros to Extend the Life of your Replacement Windows

Installing new windows is a big investment. And while most modern windows are specifically designed to be low maintenance, that doesn’t necessarily mean no maintenance. Help keep your windows in great shape for years to come so that you can continue to see the energy-saving and aesthetic benefits that they provide for your home. Here’s what you need to know.

Start with Quality Window Installation

A great window can only boost your home’s energy-saving capacity if it is properly installed. Shoddy workmanship can lead to leaks for air and moisture to get in wherever windows are installed. This can lead to higher heating and cooling costs as well as moisture damage to your home that is even more expensive to remediate. Look for a window installation company with experience, the right credentials, and good reviews from past satisfied customers.

One place to look for verification is the Better Business Bureau. This organization evaluates businesses of all sizes that have more than one year in business, assigning them a letter grade based on criteria to evaluate their business practices and ethics. Their rating system is similar to letter grades in school with an A+ being the highest achievement.

Keep Things Clean

Your windows will naturally collect a build-up of dirt and grime from normal weather conditions. Little bugs can collect in the windowsill. And dust can settle indoors. Besides looking dirty, this can actually degrade the integrity of your window frame or glass. Make sure to add your windows to your routine cleaning schedules. You can wipe down vinyl window frames with a rag and mild cleaner. Use window glass cleaner and a squeegee on the glass. And vacuum out the window tracts.

Be Gentle with your New Windows

If you’re used to fighting with old windows to get them opened and closed, the first thing that you will notice is that your new windows glide easily. Don’t take advantage of that. Always gently open and close your windows. Slamming them can cause damage.

Stay on Top of Maintenance

When you do see signs of trouble like a broken lock or moisture trapped in the glass, call your window company right away. There is a good chance that the repairs will be covered under a warranty. And even if they are not, a small repair will be more affordable than replacing the entire window as the compromised window continues to degrade over time.

Nescor is a leading remodeler in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Our A+ BBB-rated company specializes in ENERGY STAR-rated window replacements. We’ve been in business since 1957, serving East Coast homeowners for more than sixty years. We’ve exceeded our customer’s expectations on more than 20,000 projects. And all installations are covered by lifetime warranties to provide the ultimate protection for your investment. Call our office to schedule an estimate for replacement windows today.

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